Cleansing Bar

R 220

Aroma Soap packed with potent plant oils. Our Edition Body cleansing bar is rich in chemotyped essential oils, rosehip seed oil and vitamin A to create a moisturizing, even skin tone and improve skin texture in a bar. Intelligent scented products by @frazer_parfum

POTENTS | each bar contains 3% rosehip seed dry oil and 5% essential oils, chemotyped for potency. A pure and nourishing cleanse.

VESSEL | moulded natural glycerine cleansing hand and body bar

SPECS | 200g

INSTRUCTIONS | For cleansing hands and body. Lather with pure water on skin. Inhale for wellbeing and full wellness.

INGREDIENTS | glycerine, rosehip seed oil, geraniol, citral, linalool, limonene. 100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.

SCENT | CEDERBERG | fresh and herbaceous harnessing Cape floral ingredients of blue rosemary, geranium, mint and chemotyped linalool-rich thyme. A calming green start, with a lasting crisp finish intermingled with the sweetness of pelargonium leaves from the Karoo. This scent evokes a sense of wellbeing in the true sense, the essential oils are potent and pure.

SCENT | WEST COAST | bursts with the humble petitgrain, distilled leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree, creating a green fresh citrus accord. Followed closely by sea chrithme, a mineral note derived from the succulent collected from the rocks at oceans edge, When this volatile departs, the lavender calmly replaces the citrus marine and pairs with the warmer base notes of coumarin rich tonka bean and white woods.

SCENT | DOLOMITE | commences with a forest scent of conifers and white cypress, grounded in grass, juniper and cedar. The heart of the scent develops and transforms with pale seasonal wildflowers. Then gently settles down to leave a lasting trail of resinous and warm woody aromatic smoke. Dolomite is a potent scent packed with chemotyped citral and citronellal for its calming benefits and intention to wellbeing.

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