Bok Essential Candle

R 350

Get your daily does of essential oils with our Bok Essential Candle.

Your emotions and your self-health are at the heart of how they perform when you inhale. Our fragrance profiles are safe and pure. Our essential oils are chemotyped: the deep bounty of nature grown with scientific care to yield only the most efficacious scent and wellness benefits.

A wood wick candle with no chemical additives. Designed to be subtle - lit and extinguished for short bursts to enhance happiness.


Top | lemons, lavender

Heart | neroli, orange blossom

Base | cedarwood

VESSEL | translucent porcelain

SPECS | 160g, 20 1-hour burns, 40-hour scent throw

Each vessel contains soy wax and 8% essential oils, chemotyped for potency. A pure and nourishing inhalation.

Instructions | For light, scent and moments of wellbeing. Ignite for 1 hour bursts. 25 charges.

Ingredients: soy, geraniol, citral, linalool, limonene. 100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.

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