West Coast | aroma candle

R 350

Our aroma candle is a new generation of candle-making. Your emotions and your self-health are at the heart of how they perform when you inhale. Our fragrance profiles are safe and pure. Our essential oils are chemotyped: the deep bounty of nature grown with scientific care to yield only the most efficacious scent and wellness benefits.

A dual-wick aroma candle with no chemical additives. Designed to be subtle - lit and extinguished for short bursts to enhance a sense of connectedness to nature. Using Cape Floral ingredients: lavender, petitgrain and sea fennel. A fresh, sea fragrance for you and your home, inspired by ours: the Cape Floral biome, the richest of Earth’s six floral kingdoms


Top | lavender, petitgrain

Heart | sea chrithme

Base | tonka bean, vetiver, siam wood

VESSEL | translucent porcelain

SPECS | 190g, burn-time 20 1-hour burns, 40-hour scent throw

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